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Drought conditions in parts of India for the second consecutive year have made the situation of farmers worse. We have our volunteers going door to door, talking to families of farmers who committed suicide, and also working with government officials, schools teachers and local NGOs to find local permanent and sustainable solutions. So far we have covered Beed, Washim, Yavatmal, Nanded and Parbhani districts in Maharashtra. We are also concerned about the suicides in Punjab and Haryana, where farmers who, primarily grow BT Cotton, have suffered huge losses due to whitefly infestations. Currently, we are trying to establish a ground network to understand the local needs.

About $550 is all you need to invest to settle a farmer’s widow, with a small business. This small business will help her support herself and her family for life. Would you like to invest in a family? Click on the donate button here or make a check payable to Save Indian Farmers and send it to 137 Courts Lane, Little Rock, AR 72223, USA.

Partnership with Maharashtra Foundation

mfsif-300x165Maharashtra Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports programs in the fields of health care, education and rural development. We are pleased to report that they have announced a grant of $10,000 to support around 18 to 20 widows via Save Indian Farmers. We will select ladies from the Beed, Washim and Nanded districts of Maharashtra, and help them start their own small businesses such as clothing store, goat keeping, flour mill, tailoring, grocery, stationery stores and dairy farming.


Partnership with Asia Initiatives

Amuqs6sQfyJDyb1MnZnveew8wt-NzmhcOq3PS2xQC5AV1-300x169We announced grant from Asia Initiatives to build community in BoriSinh village with pilot project of 25 farmers. AI will support dairy businesses and conduct activities such as cleaning common areas, women’s health camp, vocational education, addiction rehab programs etc. More details and photos coming soon…

KISAN Award 2015

KISAN-AwardRangDe is an online crowdfunding platform that provides microcredit to low income entrepreneurs in India. Save Indian Farmers is investing Rs. 5 lakhs in Dharani Farming and Marketing Cooperative, a producer-owner organic enterprise in the Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh. Dharani will repay the loan amount in 18 months through quarterly payments, which will be used to support more farmers. Rang De will provide Save Indian Farmers with quarterly reports on fund utilization and impact assessment.

Save Indian Farmers will also make available to its donors the option to make their donation towards a rural entrepreneur of their choice, thereby giving them the opportunity to be directly involved in how their contribution is making a difference to the life of farmers and their families.


KisanMitraFarmers are not finding the right advice and the right voices. We are creating a simple system wherein a farmer can call in with name, place and a short description of what help or information they are looking for. For now, the voice message will be recorded and published on our website, along with information for visitors on  how to go about helping that farmer. People around the world who want to make a difference can then find solutions for the farmer, thanks to technology.


Join us in spreading the message. We plan to launch this in Maharashtra to begin with and then expand in other states. Our sincere thanks to Exotel Inc for sponsoring this service.

How can you get involved?

AmazonSmile-logoYou can donate online as always, and we will use that money towards helping more farmer families. You can also join our community of  over 150 volunteers, who are donating their time and effort for one simple objective – to make a positive difference in a farmer’s life.

Did you know, you can go to and search for us? Just sign up with Save Indian Farmers as your organization and keep shopping for items you want to buy. Amazon will send us 0.5% of your purchase price as a check. It does not cost you anything. Your shopping helps us make a difference in the lives of farmers.

Ask if your employer matches your generosity and double your donation.

Participate in KISAN Award program, through which, we invite investors to be part of the next generation of social investors. You can choose projects and decide where you would like to best utilize your hard-earned money.

Contact us at for volunteer opportunities.

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