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Art n Beat Annual Concert and Workshop Recital

A few weeks ago, on July 8th, I was very honored to have been one of the SIF representatives at the Art N Beat recital which was held in the TV Asia Auditorium in Edison, NJ. I was in the presence of world- renowned musicians such as Smt. Kavita Krishnamurti and her son Ambi Subramaniam.

It was wonderful to see talented youth perform beautiful melodious songs, and I was moved by the astounding performance by  Smt. Kavita Krishnamurti and her son Ambi Subramaniam. Save Indian Farmers set up an entire booth, where many people came to gain more knowledge about the crisis of Indian Farmers. SIF was also given an opportunity to say a few words on the stage, and spread awareness about the cause. I was also able to speak to the crowd, and I explained how we all are connected to this issue and how even the youth can also play a role in the process of creating a solution for this issue.

After the show, I was able to talk to many audience members about Save Indian Farmers and many of them were moved by the truths about this issue I was telling them. Quite a few people also bought SIF shirts and caps, in order to help support the cause.

Truly, this was a wonderful experience, and a very humbling one as well- to touch one’s heart is to touch a pot of gold.



About the Author

Chandni is the youngest member and the brand ambassador of the non-profit organization “Save Indian Farmers”. She has worked on several projects along with her team and independently as well, to raise awareness regarding this under represented issue.

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