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Why focus on farmer suicides?
Agriculture is the primary occupation in India. Most farmers need to work hard just to feed their families, and it is extremely difficult for them to make a profit. There were over 3000 suicides in the state of Maharashtra alone in 2011. We believe that the people who work so hard to bring food to our plates deserve a better life.
Who is to blame?

When we started brainstorming few years back on these issues, several offenders came to mind – the government policies, corporate lobbying, uneducated farmers, lack of water conservation and fair pricing structure. Soon, we realized that the reasons are almost irrelevant as they provide fodder for debates but not solutions. Imagine this – you are married, you have a 3-year-old daughter and own a small piece of land to support your wife and child. You take loans with the hope of paying them off after the next harvest. The debt keeps mounting (due to inclement weather and other reasons) with sky-high interest rates of the private lenders and you see no way out of this. The social burden of humiliation and the sheer helplessness of their situation drives farmers to suicide.

Would you rather read about this and blame someone or take action? We chose the second path and we are making efforts to support the families of deceased farmers and to prevent future suicides.

How much money has SIF raised? Does that meet your expectation? If not, why?

We have raised $10,265.45 since August 2012 out of which about $5000 has been spent on helping 11 widows (whose husbands committed suicide) setup small businesses for their livelihood.
Having said that, it does not meet our expectations as we wish to –

  • Extend our support beyond Maharashtra
  • Go beyond helping widows and prevent suicides in the first place
Have you received any donations from people living in India? If not, why?
No, since this NGO is formed in USA, and donations are tax-deductible in the U.S., there is more focus on collecting money in USA (outside India, in general). People in India are encouraged to donate money directly to our NGO partner in India – Deendayal Trust.
How many farmer’s families have been supported so far? Can you provide any testimonies?
So far, 11 families have been provided monetary aid to help start their own small business. Providing testimonies is challenging given language and technical barriers, but check out our [inset link here] page to see the photos of some the families we have supported.
How do you ensure that donations are used efficiently for the welfare of a farmer’s family?
Wainganga Sanstha is our on-the-ground partner and monitoring NGO in Maharashtra, India, where one of our member’s father-in-law works. He visits each family personally and validates the cause for each family before money is donated to them. Mr. Kurhekar, the president of Wainganga Sanstha, has been a great support in independently monitoring the progress we are making with our Deendayal Trust initiatives.
How many organizations like SIF are supporting a similar cause? Have you approached any of them to work together towards your goal? If not, why?
We are always looking for partner NGOs that we can help fund. We are looking for NGOs that work in rural areas, are transparent, focus on farmer issues, and are NOT politically affiliated.
How do you differentiate your organization from other nationally recognized NGOss? In short, please help me understand why I should make a donation to you instead of to United Way/Red Cross/Disabled Veterans/ St. Jude etc.?
We are different in some ways and not so different in some other ways. We are a non-profit focused on a specific cause just like these organizations. We are not as big or internationally widespread as these organizations. We thrive on 100% transparency, feedback and we are focused on actionable & measurable goals.
How many cents of every donated dollar will be actually assigned to a particular project?
We will assign 100% of the money we receive (barring processing fees of platforms such as PayPal) towards the actual cause. You can keep up with updates of the particular project by subscribing to our newsletter at the top right section above.
Can you provide information that will allow my company to match my donation?

Sure we can. Here is commonly asked information to get your company to match your donation.

Name Save Indian Farmers
EIN 45-3588545
Address 137 Courts Lane
City Little Rock
State AR
Zipcode 72223
Country USA
Phone 501-580-8492
Contact Person Dr. Hemant Joshi
phone: 501-944-5916

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