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Lamhe – A musical extravaganza to Support and Save Indian Farmers

April 21 2017, HSNC, Morrisville, North Carolina, United States


Yash Raj Chopra, commonly known as Yash Chopra, needs no introduction. He is well known for making films on quite unusual and contemporary subjects yet presenting them so beautifully and graciously to captivate his viewers. He is credited for bringing in music and romance as highlights in movies. He is also unanimously crowned as the “King of Romance” of Indian Cinema.

“Lamhe… the Journey of Yash Chopra” was an attempt to bring different forms of performing arts together on stage to relive director Yash Chopra’s magical Journey. The presentation format traced the achievements and interesting facts of his journey using a blend of media anecdotes, music, dance, movie clips, pictures and arts. Thank you for joining us for the musical evening at HSNC, Morrisville, North Carolina on April 21, 2017.

Lamhe received an overwhelming response from the RTP audience and it was a houseful show. We received a great feedback from the audience. Collectively with all the support from the residents of RTP, artists, sponsors and volunteers, we raised $21,600 excluding all the expenses.

This amount will be used to recharge bore-wells as part of Project Jal. This means 72 farmers’ families will get access to permanent source of water for rest of their lives in INDIA with the amount raised by Lamhe. 


Thank you for believing in this noble cause. We look forward to your continued support!