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This project was completed June 16 2015 and is maintained successfully since then. Below is the information about the project and some old details.

Here are photos of the Pathari village canal and minor tank, that need repairs

Photos after Phase-1 completion – recent monsoon has already benefited 60 hectares of land double their crop output.

Kelapur region of Maharashtra has seen 243 suicides since 2002. For this project, we are working with Deendayal Trust, our NGO partner, to restore a reservoir and canal in Pathari village (or Pathri) in the Kelapur Taluka of Yavatmal district in Maharashtra in next 4-5 months. Around 256 families (population 1300) in this village depend on rain or reservoir for agriculture and daily use. The canal as well as the reservoir is in desperate need of desilting for :

Allowing farmers to harvest a second crop besides cotton. Currently, they harvest 1 crop a year in monsoon. 170+ acres of agricultural land will be able to use water from the canal to grow second crop like vegetables and provide a source of food for their families.
Increasing water table of the reservoir by about 25%. This region only gets 575 mm average rainfall per monsoon season, which is not enough to sustain for agricultural needs throughout the year. The reservoir will help with water conservation, so that it lasts throughout the year for agriculture as well as livestock needs.
Improving the quality of life of farmers in the Pathari village over next few years.
The project calls for raising around USD 22,000 for completion. The villagers of Pathari village will contribute towards 5% of the project costs. Those who cannot contribute monetarily, will contribute labor. Here are budget details of the project.

PlacePathari village, Kelapur Taluka, Yavatmal District, Maharashtra, India
Distance from district Place50 km
Population1300 (Male- 670, Female u2013 630)
No. of Families256
Live Stock450
Average of rain fall575 to 600 mm. u2013 Runoff u2013 2.60u201d
TemperatureMax u2013 49u00b0C, Min- 13u00b0C
Additional farmland area that will get access to water69 hectares
Prerequisites+ Approval from local village panchayat
n+ 5% of total cost would be contributed from the direct beneficiaries @ of Rs. 500/- pernHectare
n+ indirect beneficiaries will contribute their labour
n+ Regular meeting would be organized of the monitoring committee
Additional maintenance cost over next 3 yearsINR 543199

We are asking for your help and support in raising funds for this project. With your pledge, you will be able to support 1300 farmers in Pathari village to cultivate their farms and prevent any unfortunate suicides.

We will make sure that

100% of your donation is given towards restoring the reservoir and canal.
You are provided with a receipt so that you can claim tax deduction for your contribution
We will provide you with photos and testimonials from Pathari village farmers on the progress of this project and how your donation is being used to enrich their lives.

If you would like to send us a check, make it payable to “Save Indian Farmers” and send it to 137 Courts Lane, Little Rock, AR 72223





This amount includes paypal donations as well as funds raised through our indiegogo campaign.

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