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We run a number of different projects in various parts of the country to help farmers, widows and their families to increase their crop yield, start or expand small Businesses and sustain life in tough situations.Our major areas of focus are: Water Conservation, Rain water harvesting, Organic Farming, Rural Poverty and health, Rural edutcation and helping widows of farmers who already committed suicide.

We also have farmer helpline to counsel the farmers/relatives to give them new hope to live and earn their livelihoods. Below is a list of all our projects that we have completed or are in progress.

Project Jal

Help needy, marginal farmers in drought affected areas, adopt rainwater harvesting techniques so they have a sustainable means of irrigation water throughout the year. read more

BoriSinhn Village

The project  benefited 25 youths in the village and their families. These 25 families were supported by providing `Murha` buffaloes so that, milk production can be an alternative means of livelihood. read more

Pathari Reservoir

Restoration of a reservoir and canal for irrigation needs of a village. The reservoir will help with water conservation, so that it lasts throughout the year for agriculture as well as livestock needs. read more

Project Udaan

Educational resources on organic agriculture for farmers and learning apps for their children. It is our attempt to take farmers education beyond schools and bring it to their doorstep. read more

Adopt -a Widow

Support widows of farmers by establishing small businesses that bring a regular source of income. The goal is to help distressed widows to start a sustainable long term means of livelihood. read more


Support small-scale farmers through loan contributions that are re-invested when returned. read more

Project Saangati

Education and implementation of yield-improving organic farming practices in 4 different agro-climatic zones. This project is about guiding farmers to use organic agricultural practices, thus increasing their crop yields. read more

Sticks to grow

Cultivation of hardy drumstick trees in drought-prone areas via drip irrigation.  As drumstick requires less water for growth, it is an apt crop to grow in water scarce regions. read more

Bundhelkhand Initiatives

Improve health of the villagers by various initiatives like community kitchens, self-help groups, kitchen gardens to help the improve health of the people. read more