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Musings of an Indian Parent

Guest Blog Post by Seema Chandane, Parsipanny, New Jersey

My daughter, Aarushi is a typical 13 years old and is an 8th grader at Central Middle school in Parsippany. She has always nurtured her creative side. Dancing, crafty projects for her room decor and painting are some of her favorites. Summer 2014 was painting 101 for her! That’s what inspired her to have an art exhibition as her very 1st fund raising projects. Omkar, my 7 year old was also very excited and wanted to participate. So we came up with idea to host art fundraiser at Sheraton Hotel on January 25, 2015. The proceeds from the fundraiser would go towards helping widows supported by Save Indian Farmers. Over 50 people attended the Art Exhibition and participated in the silent auction as well. Thanks to Aarushi and Omkar’s dedication, we were able to raise around $1500 to support families of widows to start their own small business. Here are some photos from the Art Fundraiser

Both my kids put countless hours into painting and drawing as they now had a goal to accomplish. To make as much artwork as possible so that they could host an Art Fundraiser. We wanted to pick a charity not many people are aware of. That’s when I came across Save Indian Farmers through my high school friend, Madhumita Joshi.

On the 1st day of Art Appreciation Week and as the sun rose over India on its 66th Republic Day this Art Fundraiser was a perfect occasion to encourage amateur artists and also celebrate India’s Republic Day by addressing an important cause about Farmer suicides in India.

The event was a huge success and we were humbled by the support we got from the community. Aarushi and her younger brother, Omkar sold over 40 paintings and raised around $1500 for a much needed cause. 100% of the proceeds were donated to Save Indian Farmers. This donation would at least fund 2 widows whose husbands have committed suicide and are left to fend for themselves. These widows can be settled with home grown small businesses to support themselves and their kids for life. We truly had a blessed evening at the fundraiser.

Aarushi and Omkar are not professional artist, given their age and their love for art I was sure that they would be encouraged. But the kind of support and encouragement they received was unbelievable. There was no better way for them to do something good out of their hobby. I am sure, for Aarushi and Omkar this project will be a start to lifelong desire of giving back to the community.

Blog Post by Proud Mom – Seema Chandane.

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